Object – Subject

As part of the Works Art and Design Festival, Creative Practices Institute presents, Object – Subject. This duo exhibition will feature works from Vancouver based illustrator Janice Wu, and local Edmonton designer Teng Teng Chong.  Both artists explore associations placed upon objects in the material realm, with a focus on their own daily lives.

Wu’s meticulous illustrations capture what would most often be considered objects of little worth such as receipts, candy wrappers and plastic bags. It is her dedication to detail that captures the viewer’s attention and forces them to re-consider the subject.

At first glance Chong’s subjects appear somewhat more personal in nature than Wu’s. They could be gifts or keepsakes. These graphite rubbings appear quite ephemeral; the subjects are rendered with soft edges and a simple two-tone pallet of graphite and fabric.

In both cases the items have been carefully studied and rendered with a delicate hand. Both collections give the viewer a window into their personal lives. The final representation – the work – asks the viewer to really look at the subject in a new way, to consider its function, material, purpose and meaning.

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Artists: Teng Teng Chong & Janice Wu

Exhibition dates: June 19 – July 12th 2014

Our opening reception was held on Thursday, June 19th between 7-10pm.  Thank you to all the wonderful people who came out and celebrated with us. We had a fantastic time chatting with you and listening to the chilled stylings of great local band Katasaurus Wrecks.