Organized by Mo Ossobleh – for more info join the Facebook Group, or connect with Mo directly:

Saturday September 13
6:00 PM – 9:30 PM
At Creative Practices Institute (10149-122 Street)

SUPREME QPOC is an event where queer people of colour can unite, build, gather and engage. We are marginalized in many spaces so we need to carve out our own.

We NEED spaces where we can exchange, grow, learn, build, laugh and cry. We are SUPREME in our intersectional / individual queer selves so lets build a space to honour our identities, our histories, our stories and share.

✪WITNESS- The iconic film “Paris is Burning” by Jennie Livingston will be shown during the mixer. This documentary explores the lives of queer latino and black people involved in Ball Culture during the late 80’s in New York City.

✪EXCHANGE- this event will function as space/opportunity for Queer People Of Colour to share experiences and stories, unpack our struggles, share our victories and support in our failures.

✪ANNEX- Lets claim Buddy’s (11725 Jasper Ave NW) after the mixer, actively making the space more diverse and safer for other Queer People Of Colour. Making our presence seen and heard as we stake claim on a 15 year old, predominately white establishment. The music will be terrible, but we’ll boogie.

While creating a space of hopeful inclusivity we must recognize the limitations of our understanding and recognize that the SUPREME QPOC event will be taking place on colonized indigenous territories.

White allies, we love you but please recognize that this event is to provide space for queer people of colour. We don’t want to deny any experience of discrimination, marginalization or racism but we want you to look inwards and reflect on your racialized experience if you plan on joining us on September 13th but feel free to join us at Buddy’s following the mixer.