Large Permanent:

  • Paper Storage Rack/Dry Workspace
  • Stools x2
  • Soaking tray
  • Blotting table
  • Wet Workspace – glass topped table
  • Print drying rack
  • Shelving/storage for supplies
  • Glass slab: Inking surface
Small Permanent:

  • Flammable waste storage
  • Paper waste bin
  • Other waste bin
  • Extension cords
  • Brayers/ink rollers
  • Palettes
  • Palette Knives
  • Exacto knives
  • Block carving tools
  • Vinyl lettering
  • Brooms, dust mops, cleaning supplies
  • Felts
  • Paper tear bar
  • Rulers
  • Burnishing tools
  • Squirt Bottles
  • Aprons
  • Mat cutting board
  • Plexi Palettes
Small Consumables:

  • Paper
  • Wood/Linoleum for block printing
  • Sintra (PVC, Polyvinyl)
  • Mat board
  • Cutting blades
  • Inks: Red, Yellow, Blue, Black, White, Transparent base
  • Drawing materials (pencils, sharpies, charcoal, conte, etc.)
  • Tape
  • Rags
  • Varsol
  • Soap/Hand Cleaner, other cleaning supplies

For sponsors interested in providing cash donations to the Swain Studio or for more information please contact Brittney Roy @ 780.909.6045


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