The Swain Print Studio

One of our recent projects is the creation of a print studio in the basement of the CPI house. This print studio was inspired by an unexpected donation from Gregory Swain’s Family in the form of an electric relief press.

Gregory Swain, local Arts Habitat artist, was a prominent and well-loved Edmonton artist who passed away earlier this year. We are so thrilled to have been chosen to host this beautiful, fully functioning press that has such a rich history. To pay homage to Mr. Swain and his family we are titling the studio/working space in his name, and calling it the Swain Print Studio. The space is small, but it will accommodate between two to three print artists at a time. Which is just the right size for us! We welcome printmakers and artists of all backgrounds that are interested in having a small edition completed at a low cost. If individual artists are interested they may book the whole space for private use. We currently have paper storage shelves, a work table and in the near future we plan to install more shelving for supplies/ individual lockers, a paper soaking tub and various other fixtures necessary to complete a run of prints.

We are currently seeking sponsors that are interested in helping us make this huge idea come to life! We are looking for donations in the form of materials such as: inks, paper, rollers, pallet knives as well as other in-kind donations. We are also seeking sponsorship to cover costs associated with instructor’s fees, promotional materials, and overall renovations to the studio. We plan to use the studio/press to run community workshops and to provide another outlet for artists to create.

We hope to launch the space in the new year so keep checking back for updates!

What specifically are we looking for? Click here for a list of inkind items or for questions contact Brittney @ 780.909.6045