Tuesday Night Book Talk: Jessie Beier

Tuesday Night Book Talk is a reader series organized by Andrew Buszchak. These talks are given predominantly by a variety of non-experts on their respective, chosen books, and followed by an informal group discussion.

Tuesday Night Book Talk takes place on the third Tuesday of every month at Creative Practices Institute, located at 10149 – 122 St.

The next presentation will be delivered Tuesday, January 20, at 8:00 pm by Jessie Beier; she will be discussing Living with a Wild God: A Nonbeliever’s Search for Truth about Everything by Barbara Ehrenreich.

Please join us for Tuesday Night Book Talk; prior familiarity with the text under consideration is neither required, nor expected of you.

For questions or if you have a book that you’d like to speak about at a future TNBT, contact Andrew at tuesdaynightbooktalk@gmail.com

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