• Featuring: Melissa Cayford, Connor Cantelon, Kun Chen, Martina Gutfreund, Mika Haykowsky, Holly Hughes, Nathan Levasseur, Eliza Odyjewski, Laura Porter, Alicia Proudfoot & Alison Prsa
  • Exhibition Dates: Nov 18 – December 12, 2015
  • Opening Reception: Wednesday, Nov 18 from 7-9pm

The above images were taken during the opening reception, documentation photos of the exhibition are coming soon!

Project Statement: The 63 Hours exhibition is named after the number of class hours allotted for the University of Alberta’s, Intermedia 540 – B1 , that I taught this Fall. The Exhibition features work from the students of this course which is primarily focused on contemporary practices in intermedia + professional development. The students artwork explores relevant creative practices such as Socially Engaged Art, Art and Activism, Performance and Relational Aesthetics, alongside professional practice concerns such as the development of artist statements, bios and CV’s, web and social media practices. Key to the course is the valuable opportunity to work with CPI in a professional capacity to gain experience in the expectation, co-ordination and communication that accompanies the exhibition of their work.    – Jesse Sherburne

Curatorial Statements: Thank you to the Intermedia 540 students, Jesse Sherburne and the University of Alberta for collaborating with us on this project. 63 Hours is suffused with layers of meaning, theory and media. Engaging directly with the students as they developed these works showed us that this is not a collective working toward a shared goal, but rather a dynamic collection of individuals with their own aesthetics and agendas. I am thrilled that this project will allow more people to see and interact with artistic student works and will give these students the opportunity to expand their networks. Connor Buchanan, Curator & Managing Director

The space at CPI provided a unique challenge – to come up with an exhibition design for eleven complex works spanning a diverse conceptual base. It was important to me to consider how the pieces worked with each other and how to create a cohesive exhibition. I had to think about the space in a new way – to be fluid and adaptable with the layout and consider each perspective. 63 Hours is a student exhibition but the participants are also emerging artists trying to find their path within the art world. -Missy LeBlanc, Exhibition Intern & Assistant Curator