The Swain Print Studio

One of our recent projects is the creation of a print studio in the basement of the CPI house. This print studio was inspired by an unexpected donation from Gregory Swain’s Family in the form of an electric relief press.

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Creative Conversation

Creative Conversation is a new series of discussions that are based on topics of interest within Edmonton’s arts community. Each conversation includes 2-3 speakers that discuss personal experiences from varying perspectives. The public is invited to exchange stories and opinions surrounding the chosen topic.

We meet four times a year to discuss and share current topics that help bring awareness, new ideas, common themes within creative practice (art/design/craft/theatre/writing/storytelling/etc.) to the table. The best thing about this group is we want your input on what topics are of common interest to you! Let’s engage, share, and learn from our creative conversations.

For more info on upcoming events please visit: UPCOMING PROJECTS

For questions or discussion topic ideas please contact Katie at with the subject line: Creative Conversation