Thank you for visiting our website, this site acts as an archive – Creative Practices closed its doors in July of 2016.

Artistic Entrepreneurship

We believe in the artist as entrepreneur. We offer support and skill development to empower artists, creative professionals and organizations.

Consulting: We offer support sessions at an affordable hourly rate to individuals and small organizations. These are custom built sessions to address specific projects. Example topics: business plan development, governance, grant writing, fundraising, cv development, artist statements, residency prep etc.

Seminars: Practice based sessions designed for individual creatives and organizations. All the sessions are facilitated by professionals in their particular fields. The program is structured for participants to gain skills critical to sustainability in the creative sector.

Colloquium Series: This series is conceived as a platform for innovative creative praxis, with the goal to support knowledge transfer and discourse between emerging and professional creatives. Each month a new speaker is invited to share their experiences/learnings with a small group.