Creative Practices formation in April, 2014 was a reaction to the combined experience of our two co-founders Buchanan & Roy. With over 12 years of working in the art sector plus their education in Arts Management and Studio Arts, they realised that the artistic sector of Edmonton was missing training in the basic business and entrepreneurial skills necessary to sustain artistic careers. Creative Practices Institute was founded with the intention to address this gap.

Our location, occupying a 1940’s character home in Oliver (an urban neighborhood of Edmonton, Alberta) is ideally suited to contribute to the ongoing revitalization of that area, both as a viable business district and a culturally rich, diverse, and desirable place to visit or dwell. Our vision is of a creative space where the visual art, design and other creative fields can mingle, and where new creative processes, concepts, and questions can be brought forward for consideration.

Creative Practices Institute is not an art retailer representing artists or dealing art to consumers; however, sales are encouraged with proceeds benefiting the artists, the operation of the society and the community. Post secondary students of art, design, communication, administration and more are offered opportunities for collaborative exhibits, internships, program input and growth of our organization.

Creative Practice’s AnnualReport2014