Thank you for visiting our website, this site acts as an archive – Creative Practices closed its doors in July of 2016. Who were the people driving this initiative you might ask – well,  we had a fantastic team leading our development:


Connor Buchanan – Managing Director, (b. Comox, British Columbia, 1984) is a curator and arts manager based in Edmonton. Buchanan has participated in various cultural contexts including public art galleries, non-profit organizations, and the municipal government. A perpetual student, Buchanan holds a BFA, MA of Art & Heritage: Policy, Management & Education, and was recently accepted into the Rozsa Arts Management Program. Earlier this year she completed a Facilitating Adaptive Change Fellowship with the New Pathways program in Edmonton. In 2014 Buchanan was featured in ARTINFO’s top 30 under 30 for her work in the non-profit arts sector.

Brittney Roy – Program Director, Brittney Roy is a visual artist and arts administrator who works from her home studio in Edmonton, Alberta. In 2012, she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the University of Alberta in printmaking and drawing. Her current practice is based on observations of the “normal” and the idea of success. In 2014, Roy completed a six-month residency at the Society of Northern Alberta Print-artists. She received funding from the Edmonton Arts Council for an exhibition, featuring the photo series “Not My Clothing”. Roy continues to teach within the broader community under a small business and partnership, Arty Party, and works freelance in design services, web development, curation and custom screenprinting.

Michelle Luyimbazi – Marketing & Communications Coordinator, Through her communications degree, Michelle has further developed her excellent writing, editing, and multimedia skills. She’s had the opportunity to work on projects involving writing articles for magazines, working with Photoshop to create advertisements, as well as producing and editing videos. She has experience creating press releases, communication, and marketing plans. She enjoys planning and coordinating events and had the opportunity to assist in the planning, coordination, and hosting of various projects and events for both CPI and Diversity Magazine. She is a member of the IABC (International Association of Business Communicators) and CPRS (Canadian Public Relations Society).

2016: Collins Ngeywa, Sam Lee, Nicole Unrau
2015:Stella Gatto, Pamela Gendron, Liuba Gonzalez De Armas (SCiP), Carly Green, Shannon Fox, Karen Hanson, Katie Mckinley, Hillary Mussel, Missy LeBlanc (SCiP),  and Michelle Luyimbazi (SCiP) 
2014: Kerry Aarnoutse, Mika Haykowski, Julie Ketel, Sydney McNeill, Malin Samuelsson and Emma Vogt

2016 Student Collaborators:
Kyra Cusveller, Jennifer Evaniew, Rain Mair, Miranda Mewhort, Samantha Semler, Daniel Schieman and Corinna Thompson


  • Chair – Ryan McPhee
  • Vice Chair – Ruth Burns
  • Student Representative – Misa Nikolic
  • Member at Large – Andrew Buszchak
  • Member at Large – Mitchel Smith
  • Member at Large – Nora Myers


  • Samuel Hester
  • Sylvia Allan
  • Christopher Wong

April 2014 – April 2015 Founding Directors:

  • Nika Blasser, Connor Buchanan, Joseph Doherty, Mo Ossobleh, Brittney Roy, Sergio Serrano and Bryce Zimmerman