Solo exhibition of Kasie Campbell, curated by Missy LeBlanc
Opening Reception: April 27, 2016 from 7 – 9pm
Exhibition Date: April 27 – May 21, 2016

What is Known of Old and Long Familiar is the first solo exhibition for Edmonton-based artist Kasie Campbell. The exhibition was also planned to act as a satellite event for the Mapping Maternal Ethics colloquium planned and hosted by Natalie Loveless at the University of Alberta in May 2016.

Campbell uses flesh toned nylon and cotton batting to create works that resemble the human form but aren’t quite right. When viewing the works, one becomes more aware of their own body as they look at the tight binding of the almost human forms. The viewer is drawn to the sculptures but does not want to get too close as they are both grotesque yet beautiful at the same time.

Along with being an artist, Campbell is also a mother. Although there is often a stigma to being a mother and an artist, Campbell is able to straddle the dual identities. Her works are not explicitly about being mother, rather, they are about bridging the two and showcase how the experience of being a mother and artist has impacted her view on the body. They work in tandem to create that sense of uncomfortableness and bodily empathy that Campbell aims for in her work. From when they first walk through What is Known of Old and Long Familiar, the viewer cannot escape the uncanniness and uncomfortableness of Campbell’s sculptures.

Satelite Project for New Maternalisms: Redux & Mapping Maternal Ethics – A Colloquium
Natalie Loveless, Assistant Professor of Contemporary Art and Theory at the University of Alberta is developing an exhibition, New Maternalisms: Redux, to be held at the UofA FAB Gallery, and a colloquium, Mapping Maternal Ethics (A Colloquium Exploring Maternal Art and Ethics in the Context of Anthropogenic Climate Change). The colloquium will feature Keynote Lectures by participants Griselda Pollock and Mary Kelly as well as a roster of artists and scholars working on feminist art and the maternal today. Both events will be taking place in May and will include satellite events with local community and arts organizations. We are one such satellite!

Our programming will include two networking events and a solo exhibition of local artist, Kasie Campbell. We are currently planing our programming with a focus to create two opportunities for local parent-artists to discuss navigating the “balancing act” of professional-artistic life and parenthood.

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