Exhibition Dates: July 24 – August 16, 2014

Artists: Iwona Faferek, Katrina Regino, Tiffany Shaw-Colligne and Christina Sicoli

Emerging Designers showcases the talent and diversity of a handful of  YEG trained or based designers.

For this exhibition I wanted to showcase the diversity and talent of designers in Edmonton. As a new comer to this community and I have found it refreshing that there is a large group of exciting and successful female designers, in what I would consider a typically male dominated profession. This exhibition showcases a handful of such women. Their practices span architecture, industrial and graphic design as well as illustration and social research.

It is my hope that this exhibition demonstrates that Edmonton nurtures great designers and retains them as well. Iwona Faferek, Katrina Regino and Christina Sicoli are all University of Alberta alumni. Christina Sicoli is currently located in NY City, but was born and raised in Edmonton, and was a University of Alberta classmate of Regino. Tiffany Shaw-Collinge began her visual arts training here ten years ago at Grant McEwan, and has just recently relocated to the city to take a position with Manasc Isaac Architects.

This is a driven and talented group at the beginning of their careers and professional practice. It is my hope that Creative Practices can continue to be an exhibition and project venue for the many mediums/modes utilized by local creatives. I hope you enjoy the show, thank you for coming out to support our local designers!

– Connor Buchanan