Exhibition Dates:  March 9 – April 16, 2016
Opening Reception: Wednesday March 9, 7-9pm

Below is a brief description of the exhibition and some of the works that Emily will presented.

The works that I have chosen to exhibit acknowledge the domestic nature of CPI’s gallery space, with some works responding to the site directly. The mMajority of these works were developed, prototyped and/or completed during my recent residency at the Banff Centre. The works elevate ambiguous yet familiar 4×6″ snapshots via provisional structures that suppose new contexts for them. The snapshots often appear to be taken casually, or in such a way that the photographer’s presence is less invisible. Blurry foliage and  the edges of window frames probe at a sense of empathy for that moment in time. These moments are extrapolated upon in the supporting sculptural materials and placement within the room, giving them a relationship to the present moment of viewing. For example, a floor-bound circular garden armature holds a curved snapshot picturing a bleak front yard. The image easily references the yard just outside the gallery windows. In this way, the works constellate the original photographer, familiar objects, the architecture of the gallery, and the viewer – activating an oscillation between memories, moments, places and things.
– Emily Geen