• Living Room, features the work of local artist, Jeff Klassen.
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Meet the Artist: Join us in the gallery from 12 – 4pm on Saturday, November 7th to hang out with Jeff Klassen. Jeff is looking forward to meeting audience members and discussing his work and the Living Room exhibition!

Living Room is a multimedia art exhibition exploring ideas of ownership and subject-object relationships through found digital photos of domestic objects.

While revisiting a collection of images of used furniture culled from a buy and sell website, the artist was struck by a parallel between the subjects of the photos and the photos themselves. Both furniture and photos were objects that had outlived their utility. The furniture had long since been relocated or discarded, and the photos had long since disappeared from the website (and likely the memory cards and hard drives of the photographers). However, rather than being a document of the unwanted, the photos seemed to emphasize the subject-ness of what they depicted. While this interpretation certainly requires an act of personification, the collection of photos seem to create a space beyond the viewer – a world of objects.

The exhibition of Living Room envisions the eponymous space not as a place to relax, but as a room that is alive. The artist has chosen to re embody the subjects and the photos by taking them from the screen into the tactile world. An alien in a world of objects, the viewer is invited to dwell on every loop in the carpet and every pixel that make up the prints.