Exhibition Dates: August 24 – September 27, 2014

Artists: Tyler Biard, Gabriel Molina, Bryce Zimmerman and a site specific installation by Art/Beat

The seed for this exhibition began with ART/BEAT and their curiosity of the borders between urban and suburban spaces. A curiosity into how these spaces affect the artists working within them. They approached Brittney and I about hosting a fundraiser and event at Creative Practices Institute (CPI) that would be grounded in this idea of socially constructed physical spaces impacting the creative practices of artists. We were intrigued!

This exhibition (and corresponding catalogue) highlights three local artists: Tyler Biard, Gabriel Molina and Bryce Zimmerman, who’s work will be displayed at CPI over the course of four weeks. The catalogue features interviews and images from each artists, as well as original written contributions from four local writers: C.B.W. Caswell, Misa Nikolic, Brittney Roy and Kody Thomspon.

Ultimately, subURBAN is the result of a simple question – what does subURBAN mean to you? Part of the one night event was an interactive installation by ART/BEAT in the garage space at CPI. This work invited audiences to add their own point of view to the discourse.

The collaborative aspect of subURBAN grew over the course of planning the event and exhibition. With the addition of each essay and artist the conversation evolved, and although this specific iteration has a start and end date we believe that it will spark an inspiring ongoing conversation. To me this exhibition and catalogue are snap-shots in time, a starting point for the conversations to follow.

Like every CPI project, this is one that required tremendous collaboration, donated time, encouragement, and generosity. First and foremost we would like to thank ART/BEAT for approaching us with the initial concept. Our deepest thanks to the participating artists and to the contributors of the publication. It was a pleasure to collaborate with everyone involved. This catalogue would not have been possible without the amazing, dedicated work of our two curatorial interns, Mika Haykowsky and Julie Ketel.

And finally, our warmest gratitude goes to our funders and to each creative in residence at CPI, you are all crucial to the development and actualization of our new artist run centre.

– Connor Buchanan