Thank you for visiting our website, this site acts as an archive – Creative Practices closed its doors in July of 2016.

Dear Future Sponsors,

Community development and capacity building are just two objectives within the Creative Practices Institute Society. As a creation and production establishment we aim to build strong social networks and social support through visual expression and knowledge transfer.

The Swain Print Studio is a studio space that fosters new ideas and production of emerging print-artists and the Edmonton community. This space is provided to individuals as private studio space and is also space for ‘non-artists’ to develop problem solving skills using creativity.

As a sponsor of the Swain Print Studio at Creative Practices you/your company can benefit from the following:

MEMBERSHIP: 25 (See membership benefits page)


  • Membership +
  • One small print by a local print artist made on Swain Press


  • Start Up Costs benefits +
  • A set of four small prints printed by local print artist on Swain Press


  • Studio Materials benefits +
  • Donors name/company name on the wall of the Swain Studio
  • Private print workshop for up to 20 guests (A value of $50/ticket)
    • Includes tour of Creative Practices studios/grounds and a free drink for each guest